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Single origins and blends that you won’t find in your local supermarket.

There are a lot better ways of communicating than reading and writing: snuggling, kissing, holding hands, staring across the table, or just slurping coffee really loudly until someone starts laughing. But as far as our little website goes, reading and writing, words and pictures… they’re all we have.

They’re no substitute for the real thing, which is the coffee. Or actually, coffees, plural. Lots of them, as usual. From different countries on different continents. And they all taste different.

In a perfect world, everyone would taste every one of these coffees. We’d all have a Nicaraguan or Guatemalan coffee at home for early mornings, a Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee to drink black after lunch, a Sumatran coffee to sip with dessert… and so on. We would all know what every one of these coffees tasted like, so we wouldn’t have to look on this little website to pick out a couple to try.

But of course it’s not a perfect world, and we can’t all have everything. Even if we did all have lots of fresh coffees at home, how would we communicate our feelings about these tastes, and textures, flavours and fragrances? Interpretive dance? Psychic message?

Maybe this is as good a way to communicate as any. How about this: We’ll give you our ideas of what these coffees taste like, and we’ll tell you who produced them. We’ll show you a couple photos of those people and places, and list the Arabica varieties and growing elevations. From there, it’s up to you. Mouths are great for talking, but they’re even better for tasting (and kissing).

At Good Life we make it easy to get great tasting luxury coffee delivered conveniently to your door so you never run out of the coffee you love.

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