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As time passes, petrol and diesel vehicles will inevitably become obsolete as restrictions come into place, notably the government ban on brand-new petrol and diesel vehicle sales in 2035.

With this in mind, it’s a no-brainer that businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors should install EV charging facilities. Doing so will make their premises a destination for EV drivers looking for stress-free and efficient travel, among other benefits.

RAW Charging has highlighted key points that retail and hospitality businesses should be looking implement to maximise their appeal and longevity.

What is hospitality and retail EV charging, and what does it offer?

Electric vehicle charging in retail and hospitality refers to installing and operating charging stations for EVs in shopping centres, hotels, pubs and restaurants.

Customers, guests and employees can use these charging stations to charge their EVs while shopping, dining, or staying at the location. This asset will bolster business and turn the premises into a destination that earns additional revenue.

With the help of RAW Charging, retail and hospitality businesses can install EV charging stations as a way to attract and retain customers, as well as to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and boost their ESG credentials.

Businesses can operate RAW’s charging stations on a pay-per-use basis or offer them as a free service to customers. In addition, RAW offers multiple Ownership Options that cater to different businesses, ensuring that they’re investing in a package that perfectly fits their business model.

For most businesses within the hospitality and retail sector, the RAW Host Partner option is ideal, offering fully funded and installed EV charging facilities that require zero management and maintenance; plus, you’ll receive a revenue share!

The benefits of EV charging for hospitality and retail.

As the times move on, businesses mustn’t remain in the past. Instead, they should look to the future and meet customer expectations regarding EV charging facilities and that all-important sustainability.

As more and more electric vehicles are registered on UK roads, more EV drivers will consider reliable EV charging stations a must-have facility and a deciding factor in where they choose to shop, eat or stay.

By offering these facilities with in partnership RAW Charging, businesses can promote trust in their brand, strengthen customer loyalty and form lasting relationships with repeat customers who develop confidence in their premises.

Of course, one of the main benefits of installing EV charging facilities is the increase in customer dwell time. The outcome here is simple, as customers stop at a business’s premises and wait for their electric vehicle to charge, they’ll have more time to spare (and extra money to spend) shopping or dining at their destination.

Safeguard the future of your premises in light of the online shopping boom.

One of the main threats to retail is online shopping, which has caused the subsequent decline of notable retail giants and resulted in many high streets across the country growing quieter and quieter.

Adding RAW’s EV charge points means that businesses aren’t just a one-dimensional offering; EV charging adds a whole other facet to a business’s facilities and appeals, turning the premises into a practical destination and increasing that dwell time, as mentioned above.

The value of an increased customer dwell time.

Hospitality and retail are in the numbers game; sales and turnover are critical to any site’s success. Increasing dwell time with the installation of RAW’s EV charging stations is a simple and stress-free means of adding to a business’s arsenal of appeal, thus prolonging the amount of time and money spent at their premises.

RAW Charging has broken down an example of the numbers involved and the success a business can see from increasing dwell time with EV charging.

  • Two hours – The average duration of an EV charge in a hospitality or retail premises.
  • Fifty minutes – The amount of increased dwell time as a result of an EV charge.
  • £44 – This is the average increase a business can expect during one customer’s charging duration, based on the average customer spending between £0.44 – £00.88 per minute.

As you can imagine, multiplying this average extra income across the hundreds of EV-driving customers using the business’s charging facilities each month can result in thousands and thousands of pounds in additional revenue. What’s more, with RAW Charging’s RAW Host Partner option, the charging stations will cost businesses nothing and earn income on top of that extra dwell money spent.

Are you ready to boost ESG credentials, generate revenue and add to your business’s appeal and facilities with EV charge points? Contact RAW Charging today and let us know about your site!

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