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King of Cotton was established in April 1995 in the UK having been founded in Northern Italy in the town of Gallarate as ‘Re di Cotone’, the Italian for ‘King of Cotton’ in 1880.

At that time, it was owned by a businessman by the name of Alceste Pasta, and one of his key workers at the time was a Signore Pastorelli, who took over ownership upon the departure of Alceste.

The Pastorelli family are still the current owners of the Italian business and continue to supply cotton products to the Italian market, both retail and commercial.

It was in 1995 that Hector James Gauld, the brother in law of Paolo Pastorelli asked permission to use the branding and name of the Italian business in the United Kingdom with an aim to supplying Hotels with premium products sourced throughout the world, but principally in Italy.

So began the UK version of ‘King of Cotton’ and over the years the Company developed a reputation for providing high quality cotton products at a fair price, coupled with a high level of service.

Eventually demand grew, not only in the Hotel sector but with the guests that had experienced the actual products during their stay, and the bathrobes, towels and other selected items became available for purchase at some of these Hotels.

Momentum gathered, and in 2003 was launched, allowing a wide range of beautiful products to be made available to all who required premium products, that were difficult to find, at prices that were designed for a corporate world.

King of Cotton is now the ‘go to’ supplier for fine establishments and households throughout Europe, and can now be found in London, Paris, Brussels, Nice and Marbella, and, with 8 outlets across 5 countries, their finest cotton products can be found extensively across the continent both online and in store.

By choosing King of Cotton, you can be sure that you are in the best hands for all your bedroom and bathroom requirements, and behind the name lies a legacy and heritage that goes back to the foothills of the Italian Alps 140 years ago.

We pride ourselves in having the highest industry standards certificate ISO 9001 for our continuous efforts to improve on customer services and company efficiency.

Company Mission Statement:

To supply our Customers with the highest level of Customer Service, providing the highest possible quality goods sourced from highly vetted and sustainable Suppliers.


Unit 1
Canada Road
KT14 7JX
Tel: +44 (0)20 8332 7999

Offices open 9:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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