organic living

GOMMAIRE – Organic Living brings you a timeless collection of interior and exterior furniture, as well as a wide range of decorative items. Our signature organic accent can be found in all our designs and materials.

The GOMMAIRE organic living concept introduces a new style of interior decoration, indoor and outdoor furniture into homes, offices and companies. It will bring a specific touch to any setting, from traditional to contemporary design. Not only glassware and ceramic objects, a new style of woven baskets and chairs, tables in reclaimed teak wood, upholstered chairs and sofas, coffee tables, lighting fixtures… but also a wide range of outdoor furniture in aluminium and reclaimed teak complete the collection.


Almost all Gommaire – Organic Living pieces have been conceived and designed by the founders Gommaire, Bert and Laurent. Inspiration is found in everything, but nature is the biggest inspiration of all. Our slogan ‘Organic Living’ comes to life in different aspects of the company, from the design and materials used up to the coffee that is served in the showroom.

Gommaire Cleybergh (photo) is a master florist turned designer. He is a creative soul, responsible for drawing the majority of the new furniture collection by hand and in charge of quality control. He takes his inspiration from nature, when there are no people or smartphones around to disturb him. His colleagues Bert (Head of Purchase and Inventory Control) and Laurent (CEO) assist him in this process as designing is done as a team of 3.

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