Emergeny Evacuation For Everyone

Evac+Chair® is the recognised global leader in stairway evacuation for people with disabilities or mobility impairments.

Established for more than 35 years, with its headquarters and manufacturing based in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Evac+Chairs are exported to over 50 countries through more than 50 international partners in the following regions:

  • Europe
  • North and South America
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Far East
  • Oceania

At Evac+Chair, we have a dedicated research and development team who continuously innovate to ensure people with disabilities and mobility impairments, can be safely evacuated from buildings in the event of a fire, or as a result of other emergencies.

Our lifesaving products are installed in a variety of environments including offices, hotels, schools, colleges, sports stadia, retail outlets, factories and in various healthcare settings around the world.

And, for total peace of mind, we also have a network of Maintenance Engineers and Trainers working nationwide to ensure that, your staff are adequately trained in how to effectively use the equipment, and your Evac+Chair is suitably maintained to preserve the safety of your building’s occupiers whilst also prolonging the lifetime of your product.

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