Chic Tableware

Timeless Elegance

CHIC ( is a Belgian brand of elegant high-quality dinnerware that combines contemporary designs with innovative materials, what results in unique and timeless tableware products with whom you can play for years. 

CHIC was founded end 2014 in Belgium and became a real success since the launch of its famous Claro Gold range (08/2015). The founders recognized there was a lack of a combination of design and user-friendly material in the tableware industry. The industry mainly focused on design, not on the functionality of the items and their features (e.g. strength, unique colours). 

To counter this, CHIC aims to create elegant products that meet the highest standards in material requirements. As such, CHIC guarantees user-friendly products with an added value. The different product lines are developed with the vision to combine an elegant design with innovative materials 

(e.g. lightweight material; magnesium porcelain; mass coloured) that on their turn meet the user requirements. 

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